This year’s 2017 Spiel Des Jahres Nominees are in and are as follows.


Magic Maze

El Dorado

Captain Silver


The Mysterious Forest


Raiders Of the North Sea

Terraforming Mars

Any clear winners or big shocks this year? Leave a Comment Below.

  • Ann Cocks

    I own Kingdomino and my copy of Terraforming Mars should arrive later this month, so I guess you could say I have voted with my wallet.

    • Yes and you have good taste in games :p

  • johnwebster

    I have not played any of the SDJ nominees. Big smile for ICECOOL … offered the creator $100.00 for his copy at GenCon but he made me wait for retail. Well worth the wait. Surprised for Raider of the North Sea … great game! Just didn’t think it was on anyone’s radar.

    • Ice cool is a lot of fun.

  • Behrooz Shahriari

    Congratulations to Ice Cool! That is really a fun dexterity game.

    I’ve only tried 3 of these games though.

    • I have only played 3 too. Think I shall get Exit of Thames and Kosmos to review ;P