Update: 17 June 2014

This Kickstarter is back again with a more modest target of $13,000 I have updated the link in this post to point to the new Kickstarter page.

I saw this on Kickstarter a few days ago, unfortunately a certain wargaming website beat me to the punch and looks like they were treated to the product itself, so they could give their full opinion on the 4thWar Equipment Wargaming Table. Now, I don’t have the luxury of being hands on with the product since I am just a small fry amongst big names. However I wanted to bring it to your attention anyway.

If you like to war-game, but don’t have a local gaming club or have a gaming club, but need a surface to game on? 4thWar Equipment have got you covered, well at least if their latest Kickstarter reaches its whooping goal of $99,000.

Once we have our minis painted we are going to need a gaming table or a surface to play them on and lets face it, it would be nice to actually eat at the dinning table instead of having felt green cloth and battle terrain all over it. Space is a huge issue even at gaming clubs, not every club is going to have a gaming hall or the space to dedicate to just tabletop wargaming. In all of these instances there is an answer and that answer is 4thWar Equipment’s Wargaming Table.


The tables are made from 100% recyclable materials, each table weighs about 4,5Kg and can support 100Kg of weight. The tables are transportable in their nylon over the shoulder carry case. Each case can hold up to 3 of these tables. The tables are then fitted together and held in place by velcro. Once the 3 tables are setup it gives you a gaming table of  72″ by 48″ so a standard size for tabletop wargaming.


All though these tables are available through Kickstarter pledges, starting at $89 for one 24″ by 48″ table, there are no price listings available for how much they will be, I’m guessing this will be dependant on the success of the Kickstarter. I will however be keen to see how much these will retail for, especially as they are made from recyclable materials, which should lower material costs.

One Kickstarter to back?