Thought I’d review an app that I’ve been getting a lot of use out of. I’m talking about the Adjutant App available for iPhone. It also integrates with the Quartermaster App.

Adjutant has been out for a few weeks now, it’s basically a turn counter and victory point calculator. WHOOOPPEEEEEE, I hear you shout. Yes, a dice and a pen and paper do the same job, BUT my fellow gamers, I could get off my arse and change channel, but I don’t. Instead I use a remote because it was invented to make life easy and so is this App.

As I mentioned earlier Adjutant integrates with Quartermaster, you can upload your list into it and your opponents list. This means you can keep track in your games of fantasy or 40k, to see how well you are doing. I’d say this could be a key feature in team events, where pushing or holding back can be massive.
So what’s involved with it?

You start off by selecting your mission.


Next you go back to quartermaster, find your list and open in Adjutant and then do the same with your opponents list, if you can get hold of it…


You then have access to yours and maybe your opponents too, which comes in handy later.
You then start the game and you have a turn counter included in this App


As you play the game, in addition to increasing the turn counter. You also have the various symbols for killing the army general, BSB, taking banners and completing objectives. As you score units off, you can open a side panel which gives you  your full list there for victory points.


This means that at the conclusion of the game, you press the trophy symbol and there you have your victory points all there waiting for you and it has the difference worked out for you too.


A simple yet useful App, when doubled with Quartermaster can be a real help.
It’s very easy to use, literally takes minutes to get the hang of, even for a techno-noob like myself.

The time Adjutant saves at the end of the game along with the possibility of losing track of the turn and is actually fun to use.

Haven’t really caught a drawback yet, but if I have to pick one it is still reliant on templates from Quartermaster which are not always perfect. If you don’t have your opponents list you are back to manual points entry, but I can’t say that’s to much of an issue.

I give this app 8/10

If you haven’t tried it yet, it’s available from the Apple App store for £1.99 I do recommend this as one as of the few phone based gaming Apps worth putting your hand in your wallet for.
Feel free to comment if you’ve used this App. I’ll be getting my monies worth out of it for future games and hopefully I’ll get another battle report up soon, so keep your eyes peeled.