Boss Monster
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by Brotherwise Games

Useful Info:

No. of players: 2-4 Play Time: 20+ mins Age: 8+

After a hugely successful Kickstarter (back in 2012), I managed to get my hands on a copy of Boss Monster and the expansion, Tools of a Hero Kind, thanks to the generous folk at Brotherwise Games. In Boss Monster your aim is to create a dungeon so deadly that you kill heroes totalling a number of 10 souls, without getting your Boss killed in the process. Easy right? You and other players will be building dungeons that will attract the heroes in town (baiting) to the entrance of your dungeon. This is done by having the highest required treasure value, than any of the other players.


Once treasure totals have been compared the player with the most gets that hero. The hero then makes its way through each of the dungeon rooms taking the damage of each room, which is the number in the black hearts, making sure you read any additional effects of each of the rooms. When the damage is equal to or higher than the number in the red heart on the hero card, the hero has been killed. The hero card is then turned over and put in to your score area.


If you can’t kill the hero by the time it reaches your boss, then you take damage equal to the number of blood droplets on the hero card. Get 5 or more blood droplets and your boss is killed and you are out. Boss Monster is a ok game and if you are a fan of retro video game dungeon crawlers then you are going to enjoy the artwork and theme of the game.  I only played two player games so the games were fairly short and after the first couple of games it felt fairly repetitive and lacking in variety, but this could be different with more players in the mix. The Tools of hero kind expansion however does vastly improve the strategy and increasing the overall difficulty, which isn’t a negative as the base game on its own seemed too easy. Over all Boss Monster was meh. I enjoyed the theme, the artwork and the flavour text on the hero cards, but felt that the first expansion should have been part of the base game to give it the variation and replay-ability factor that it was seriously lacking. All in all, I was really disappointed with this little filler game. boss_monster_contents