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by Looney Labs

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No. of players: 1-6 Play Time: 30 mins Age: 10+

Forget your TARDIS and your DeLorean because you are not going to be needing them with this Chrononauts! Chrononauts is a time travelling card game by the creators of the popular Fluxx. The Set-up is fairly simple, there is a grid of cards that is always set-up in the same order, this is the TimeLine made up from Ripplepoint/Linchpin cards.chrononauts Every player will be dealt at random an ID card and a Mission card. These are to be kept secret until you have won the game.

chrononauts id-mission

There are several ways to win Chrononauts:

  • Going Home: Change the TimeLine to match the 3 key events as listed on your ID card. Once you have done this you can then return to your alternate reality.
  • Completing your Mission: Obtain all artifacts listed on your mission card and have them on the table in front of you at the end of your turn.
  • Achieving power and success: After you have completed your turn, you have 10 cards in your hand. (Not counting your ID or Mission card.)

Chrononauts like Fluxx uses the Draw 1 Play 1 mechanic, however, you can do something called Killing Time by discarding 2 cards and drawing 1. Other than that it’s just a matter of drawing from the Chrononauts card pile and following the cards instructions, again much like Fluxx. The below picture shows you the different card types that you have in the Chrononauts deck:

  • Artifacts: Mission Objectives
  • Gadgets: Things that do stuff
  • Actions: Single-use event cards
  • Timewarps: A special type of action
  • Inverters: How to change history
  • Patches: How to repair history

chrononauts card types

Quickly travelling back to the TimeLine, (see what I did there ;P) You will be using Inverters to change time, in order for you to complete your ID card and go back to your alternate reality, but be careful because changing time has a tendency to ripple through the TimeLine and cause a paradox. 13 showing paradoxes and the very fabric of time is ripped apart, the game ends and all players lose. So be sure to patch paradoxes, by using the orange patch cards to stop this from happening and in order to screw other players over. I really enjoyed Chrononauts, the idea of time travel in a card game, paradoxes and how altering an event will cause a ripple effect through the TimeLine, I thought was very fresh. The theme was strong throughout the game and in how it played. The artwork was minimal, but humorous and parodied back to the future, which for me just added to the flavour and enjoyment of Chrononauts. All though I think Chrononauts is a pretty easy game to play, I do think it takes a couple of games to get used to adjusting and patching the TimeLine. Sometimes it can be a bit confusing, but the ripple text box and the use of black/red symbols on the Ripplepoint/Linchpin cards help explain what changes and how this affects the TimeLine. One tip to people who decide to give this a go is to read the cards and then read them again. I made a fair few mistakes in my first game by miss reading them, especially the Ripplepoint cards e.g Paradox if/and/or.

chrononauts ripplepoints Thanks to Monkeys With Fire & Looney Labs for providing the review copy of Chrononauts.