Dead of Winter: The Long Night
9our score

By Jonathan Gilmour, Isaac Vega

Useful Info:

No. of players: 2-5 Play Time: 60-120 mins Age: 14+

Dead of Winter: The Long Night is a stand-alone expansion of Dead of Winter which basically means you don’t need the original one to play this game. So how is The Long Night for people who have never played the original and also mega fans of the first?

Well, I’m glad you asked that…

What nobody asked that? …

I’m just stuck in a dialogue with myself!

I reviewed the original Dead of Winter a year ago, so instead of going over old ground explaining how the game is played and my thoughts, I’ll give you the joy of watching.

And if you can’t be bothered to watch that. To summarise I really liked it, so much so I gave it a 9/10.

Everything you get in Dead of Winter is pretty much the same in The Long Night except with slight variations to items, new characters, and new crossroad cards. The quality of the locations is much more durable on cardboard rather than flimsy card, which is a welcomed upgrade.

Enough about Dead of Winter we are here to talk about The Long Night, so what’s truly new:


Is a new location which features audio logs and new items such as pills. Audio logs contain thematic text as to what has happened with the outbreak of the virus. Hint: It’s usually bad. Once per round, if the audio log is not contained it will trigger. In this case, 2 Frostwalkers are placed at random locations.


Pills can be found at Raxxon when carrying out a search action, here is the rub though to search the Raxxon item deck you have to roll the exposure dice, yeah that arse hole!


If you manage to unearth a pill you will be faced with an event and based on the result of a die roll you will either equip the positive or negative effect of that colour pill. These effects can not be unequipped.

Bandits & Hide out

Bandits can be thought of as NPCs of the game, they steal your stuff and squirrel it away in their hide out.

Just like zombies you can kill bandits however unlike zombies they don’t attack, they do however draw more zombies to the particular location they occupy. If you go to the bandit’s hideout you can claim back what they have stolen, but in true Dead of Winter style, you run the risk of getting hurt so just pray you don’t roll a 1.



Improvements make colony life a bit more bearable; bedding a DVD player and more. These all give you an ongoing bonus so it’s worthwhile adding improvement tokens to activate these bad boys.


Overall, I love the modular additions to the game, but does that make The Long Night better than it’s predecessor?

Here are some of my thoughts and comparisons that were covered in my latest episode of Café Chat.

All in all Dead of Winter: The Long Night is an awesome thematic game.
Is it better than Dead of Winter? No.
Is it more fun? Yes.
I really enjoyed the new additions to the game they can be both rewarding and punishing at the same time adding a different dynamic and throwing in a whole load more fun, but the new content isn’t ground-breaking and that’s ok it didn’t need to be, because in my eyes Dead of Winter was pretty damn special already.

Dead of Winter: The Long Night has an RRP of £54.99 and can be found at these retailers