Dream Home
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By Klemens Kalicki

Useful Info:

No. of players: 2-4 Play Time: 20-40 mins Age: 7+

Dream Home is advertised on the box as a family game and that it is, this charming game will appeal to anyone who spent hours playing The Sims computer game. Designing, Building, and decorating their dream home was all part of the fun.

Dream Home is centered around drafting sets of cards from a central board. Each set is comprised of one room card (B) and a resource card (A) or the first player token.dream home 1

Each player in turn order will then select which column of two cards they will take. A room card must be placed on your house board straight away following the placement rules. If you are unable to place a room card, you turn the card over to the empty room side and place, these empty rooms score 0 points at the end of the game.

Once everyone has had their turn the remaining cards on the board are discarded and replenished for the next round. If no one claimed the first player token the first player remains the same as the previous round.

When both decks are empty it triggers the last round. Players then calculate their homes score, most points wins.

The player boards, shaped like a house is where you will be placing your cards and building that dream home.

dream home 2

A couple of things to note. Basement cards can only be placed on the 2 basement spaces. You can’t build on a higher level without a room being constructed underneath first. Roof cards go face down on the bottom window. You can’t exceed the rooms card amount.

dream home 3

The max number of Living Room cards that can be played in a line is 3 for a total 9 points, the maximum number of Kitchen cards you can have next to each other is 2 for a total of 6 points, you get the gist.

dream home 4

You can also play decor tokens on rooms to get extra bonus points, but bear in mind playing a decor token on a room completes that room and stops you from being able to expand it.

Want more points?

There are a few other ways you are able to get points like meeting the “functionality” criteria and having a complete roof of 4 cards or a uniform complete roof. Playing unique room cards or specific helper cards.

dream home 5  asmdrm01-dream-home-board-gameb

Dream Home is light, but that doesn’t mean it’s a game to turn your nose up at. It’s a great game for kids and non-gamers, with simple concepts which are quick and easy to pick up. If you are looking for a well put together card drafting and set collection game that is a smidge heavier than the likes of Sushi Go, then Dream Home fits the bill.

The tool and helper cards add an extra layer to what is essentially a simple game. So for more seasoned gamers it will allow you to explore various strategies on how you can get the most points for your house and also allow you to turn a negative into a positive, or bend the rules with the aid of a tool.

If you are looking for a family game or a game for newcomers to the hobby check out Dream Home for an RRP of £24.99 and can be found at these retailers.