Lords of War
7.5our score

by Black Box Games

Useful Info:

No. of players: 2+ Play Time: 30-45 mins Age: 12+

A fantasy based strategic card game by Black Box Games first released in 2012, with the Lords of War: Elves Vs Lizardmen set, which was released this year. It seems to have been a busy year for Black Box Games Nick Street and Martin Vaux, as Lords of War has been tearing it up on the gaming scene. Not to mention picking up an award for best strategic card game 2013 at the UK Games Expo. All this in mind, I just had to see if the game lived up to the hype. The lovely Nick from Black Box Games sent me both sets, which are currently available to purchase. both-packs1

The contents  of the packs are pretty much the same, apart from deck types and the colour of the playing mat.


Of course with Lords of War you get instructions. However, me being me I opted to watch the helpful videos posted on the Lords of War YouTube channel. Now familiar with the core rules, I laid the play mat out and grabbed myself an opponent worthy of such a battle. To win, you have to kill 20 of your opponent’s cards or 4 of their command unit cards. You do this by taking it in turns to place your cards on the grid, using the attacking arrows on the card to get a higher number of damage, than a cards shield/defence value.  Not to forget that any attacking arrows pointing at your card, from your opponent’s card, is also doing damage at the same time. It was this mechanic that originally drew me to the game. The arrows on the cards point in various directions, this teamed with the ranged attacks, just gives you so many options in how to crush the enemy with your units and become the Lords of War.


The game ran smoothly with only a few rule checks needed during game play. With plenty of laughs throughout. So… OK I didn’t win, but I still really enjoyed playing Lords of War and why not?  It’s a fun strategic card game, that’s easy to pick up and play, all brought to life, with some great artwork from Steve Cox. If you fancy a challenge or just feel like mixing it up a little, there is also the option to create a mercenary deck from the current available decks; Orcs, Dwarfs, Elves, Lizardmen and soon Templars, Undead. This gives you the flexibility to customise your deck and tailor it to you strategic style. I absolutely love this game as did my opponent, who is by no means a gamer and for the past two weeks she has asked to play more Lords of War. Result!