Rocket Race
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by Triple Ace Games

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No. of players: 2-6 (depending on rule set) Play Time: 20+ mins Age: 12+ Check out the video for game-play, rules and objectives….

So what did I actually think of Rocket Race? As I said in the video it’s a great little game. That’s an understatement, when I recorded the audio to the video I was extremely tired, but now I’m awake and I loooooove Rocket Race. The only thing I don’t like is that I dragged my feet in buying it, so I only managed to bag the standard edition 🙁 no special box,dice or tokens for me! Lets start with the artwork, It’s lush in all its Victoriana Steampunk glory, I’m not a fanatic of Steampunk, but I am starting to appreciate the visual appeal of it. A great card stock and an overall quality finish.

Rocket race card 1rocket race 2

The game play was fluid and fast with very little down time so it was always engaging. Bidding was fun being able to screw people over by making them raise their bid, but at the same time knowing when to withdraw was key to Rocket Race. If you become too overzealous with your bidding, it will hinder you later, as you will have to wait to gain your tokens back. Getting an equal balance is hard especially when you can see your opponents workshop, your desire to win takes over and that’s when things start to get really interesting. All though this game was only available at the UK Game Expo 2014, Triple Ace Games have announced their plans to bring it to a wider market very soon, so keep tabs on their site.

Update: 3 October 2014

Now on Kickstarter

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  • Antidog


    Good review!

    At the risk of sounding smug, I was one of the fortunate ones to grab the limited edition box version but, on the other hand, I’ve not got round to playing yet! I’ll also apologise in advance for the rather long post that follows here…

    One of the problems with the currently limited release is that there’s no extra info for those (like me) that need help with it! I’ve posted a rules query on BGG but I appear to be the only one on there for this game at the moment so I’ve had no responses yet. 🙁 So I thought I’d ask on here instead.

    Being a volunteer at the expo, I didn’t actually get a chance to playtest the game on the Triple Ace stand so the first chance I had was a couple of days ago where I tried to run through the Advanced Rules but came unstuck with the payment rules for cards. I know your review covered the standard rules but I’m hoping you’ve tried the other version as well and can help me. To save typing time, here’s my query as it appears on BGG:
    “I have a query about the advanced rules for this which has left me a little confused on the first play through I tried.

    Ok, so each league has some basic science stats on the card. The workshop card has a tracker for each science discipline on it that changes when you do the research action which adds to the stats on your league card. At the start of the game you have no tokens on the workshop tracker so your only score in the abilities is that which is on the league card.

    When you buy a card from the centre, the rules say you have to pay its cost and adjust your science levels to reflect this. I assume I’ve got this right so far!

    My query then is, when you buy a card (say it costs 2 chemistry and 2 electrical) and your workshop has a token on the 1 space for both these disciplines, when you buy it, do you remove the tokens off the workshop tracker and then use the value on the league card for the remainder of the cost? If so, do your league card values decrease as well and have to be researched again or do they go back up to the printed levels for your following turn?”

    I’ve probably over explained this but what I want to know is how do costs and spending work between the league and workshop values?

    Have you got any idea what I’m on about and what the correct rule is here at all?

    Any help would be much appreciated!


    Andy S

    • Hi,
      Andy as soon as I get chance to look at the cards I will help you. Failing that Triple Ace Games follow me on twitter so I’ll just DM them.

      • Antidog

        Hi again

        Kind of. I think I probably went into too much detail though! It was more about spending the points to buy cards. Can you only spend the points accumulated on the workshop card or do the numbers on your League card count towards your spending total as well?

        For example, My League card has Chemistry 3. I have 1 point in Chemistry marked on my Workshop card. There is an accessory I want to buy that costs 2 Chemistry. Can I buy this by spending the point on my Workshop card and ‘using’ a point from my League card (effectively leaving me with 2 points of Chemistry left on it). Or, I can’t buy the 2 Chemistry card because I need to accumulate another point on the Workshop perhaps to buy it next turn?

        I’ve got a feeling I may have worked it out from the above (I think it may be the latter option) but I could do with clarification anyway if possible!

        Glad I could complicate a relatively simple card game!


        • To answer your question, no they don’t. The numbers on your league card aren’t points. For example if you have a 4 in electricity on your league card, you have to roll a 4 or less to have a breakthrough and gain a point in electricity. You can buy cards that make your league numbers higher so you are then more likely to roll that number and gain a point. 🙂

          • Antidog

            OK that makes sense now! i think the mental blockage has been cleared!

            cheers for the help.

            Andy S

    • Ok if I understand this correctly I think there is some slight confusion on the league card numbers. The numbers on the card represents what you have to roll or less to achieve a scientific breakthrough in order to gain a point in that science on your workshop card. Also at the beginning of everyone’s turn you gain a free point in any one science of your choice. I hope this helps you please let me know if I have misunderstood your question or you need more help. I’m glad you enjoyed the review 🙂

  • J-P Treen

    The Expo should run for double the time. At least. I missed out on so much great stuff.

    I’ll keep tabs on this game for when it comes out. Very much looking forward to it. 🙂

    Thank you for the review!

    • You are very welcome. Yes everyday should be an expo day 😀