Rocket Race
6our score

by Triple Ace Games

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No. of players: 2-6 (depending on rule set) Play Time: 20+ mins Age: 12+ Check out the video for game-play, rules and objectives….

So what did I actually think of Rocket Race? As I said in the video it’s a great little game. That’s an understatement, when I recorded the audio to the video I was extremely tired, but now I’m awake and I loooooove Rocket Race. The only thing I don’t like is that I dragged my feet in buying it, so I only managed to bag the standard edition 🙁 no special box,dice or tokens for me! Lets start with the artwork, It’s lush in all its Victoriana Steampunk glory, I’m not a fanatic of Steampunk, but I am starting to appreciate the visual appeal of it. A great card stock and an overall quality finish.

Rocket race card 1rocket race 2

The game play was fluid and fast with very little down time so it was always engaging. Bidding was fun being able to screw people over by making them raise their bid, but at the same time knowing when to withdraw was key to Rocket Race. If you become too overzealous with your bidding, it will hinder you later, as you will have to wait to gain your tokens back. Getting an equal balance is hard especially when you can see your opponents workshop, your desire to win takes over and that’s when things start to get really interesting. All though this game was only available at the UK Game Expo 2014, Triple Ace Games have announced their plans to bring it to a wider market very soon, so keep tabs on their site.

Update: 3 October 2014

Now on Kickstarter

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