Stak Bots – iOS
6.5our score

by Lightwood Consultancy Ltd

Useful info:

No. of Players: 2 Compatibility: Requires iOS 6.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimised for iPhone 5. Age: 7+

As I haven’t played the tabletop card game version of Stak Bots, my views will be only based on the iOS version of the game. Thanks to Tom (creator of Stak Bots), he has kindly provided with a copy of Stak Bots the card game, so expect a review for that soon. Stak Bots is a free game, offering in app purchases such as; remove adverts, custom deck builder and various expansions. Stak Bots has several play modes, Quick Play, Play a Friend (inc. Facebook Friends), Pass & Play and Practice mode. The Aim of Stak Bots is to reduce your opponent’s stack to zero cards, before they reduce your Stak to zero. The rules are pretty simple and straight forward, you take a card off the supply pile then you can do any of the following Actions in any order, as many times as you want:

  • Play a Card,
  • Scrap your Stak’s top card or discard from your hand
  • Attack with the top card of your Stak (only one attacking card per turn).

Before the turn can end the scrapheap must be Fed, at least one card (from any player) has to enter the scrapheap. For more in-depth details about the Actions, you can find them here. stak-bots-2 Each Bot card is clearly laid out with its Rank, Name, Power and Entry Effects/Special ability. So for example the card above does 7 damage and can take 7 damage. A card will always do its full damage regardless of whether its health has been reduced. Once a bots health has been reduced to 0 it is then moved to the scrapheap. Some bots have entry Effects/Special abilities which tends to mix things up a bit, giving Stak Bots lots of replay-ability. Or if you’re me lots of new ways to be defeated 😛 Stak Bots is a very fun, fast and addictive card game. Great to play on the bus or on your lunch break. The App itself  is very smooth and clearly laid out, with push notifications so you know when it’s your turn to destroy. I love the simplicity of the Bots, this art style reminds me of The Order of the Stick.

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