Stak Bots
6.5our score

By DogEared Games

Useful Info:

No. of players: 2+ / Teams Play Time: 10+ mins Age: 10+

It’s finally here my review of Stak Bots the CARD game. I have done the iOS game, but time to get back to basics, none of that technical Apple nonsense, just me and a deck of cards…oh and another player also. The rules are exactly the same as the iOS version, so I will just copy and paste them from my previous review, for convenience. The Aim of Stak Bots is to reduce your opponent’s stack to zero cards, before they reduce your Stak to zero. The rules are pretty simple and straight forward, you take a card off the supply pile then you can do any of the following Actions in any order, as many times as you want:

  • Play a Card,
  • Scrap your Stak’s top card or discard from your hand
  • Attack with the top card of your Stak (only one attacking card per turn).

Before the turn can end the scrapheap must be Fed, at least one card (from any player) has to enter the scrapheap. For more in-depth details about the Actions, you can find them here. IMG_5945 Stak Bots is an addictive game, I tend to take it with me if I’m travelling with my partner as it’s quick and easy to get out and have a game. All though the box is nothing much to look at, the card artwork is great I love the simplicity of the bots and it’s what originally drew me to the game. The play, is slightly slower than the iOS game as it takes some time getting used to how the cards effect the stak and what effect resolves first, something you don’t really need to think about in the  iOS game as it’s all taken care for you. If I had any criticisms about Stak Bots it would be the card quality and colours. I would like to see a higher quality of card stock used, but I guess this would undoubtedly put the price up, which may put some people off. The black back of the cards are a fingerprint magnet so if you like to keep your games in pristine condition it’s worth sleeving these bad bots! Then there is the text, if you have poor vision then the dark text maybe hard to read on the cards that have a darker background, I struggled at times and all though my vision is pretty bad I know gamers whose eyes are far worse than mine. Just something to think about for future expansions. I really enjoy playing Stak Bot and its great to see that there is already an expansion for the game. Giving you more bots with different effects, allowing you to customise your deck till your heart is content. Stak Bots is surprisingly very strategic, for what on face value looks like a very simple game. This really lends itself  to Stak Bots and leaves me coming back for more.

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