6.5our score

by David Vander Laan

Useful Info:

No. of players: 2 Play Time: 15+ mins Age: 8+

Syrtis is a strategic abstract game inspired by Moorish architecture designed by David Vander. A game of quicksand on a shrinking board of tiles. There are 3 ways to win Syrtis:

  • A Complete Island, all the remaining tiles of your colour or shape are connected.
  • Sink 4 tiles in a row whilst your opponent has sunk none.
  • Initiative – Preventing ties and thwarts stonewalling. The completion of an island at the same time, Black and White pass on consecutive turns. One player passes on four of his/her turns in a row.

syrtis Players take it in turns to do 1 of 3 things:

  • Move a Tower, you can move one of your towers to any unoccupied tile, that matches either your current colour island or current shape island, of that tower.
  • Sink a tile, you can sink a tile that is adjacent to one of your towers, it must be unoccupied and has at least one open edge. The tile can be any shape or colour, but the tile you remove must not leave the board disconnected.
  • Slide a tile, you can slide one of your tiles that is occupied by one of your towers, through as many connected empty spaces, in any number of different directions. As long as you do not increase the current length and width of the board, even in the middle of your turn.
  • Pass the turn.

IMG_5822 If you enjoy strategic abstract games, then definitely give this ago. I really enjoyed the two set-up variations of the game, one is for a more tactical shorter game, whilst the full set-up offers a longer strategic style of play. All though this can be a quick game, I wouldn’t say its light.  You really have to brush those cobwebs off your brain and really give this one a lot of thought. If you’re not a fan of pre planning and anticipating your opponents moves then this probably isn’t for you. Having said that there is a free print and play version of this available. So why not check it out anyway?