Seeing as it is thanksgiving today over the pond, I thought I would do an anti-thanksgiving post for everyone else in the world who doesn’t celebrate this day. I will list my top 5 things that I am not thankful for.

5 Things I’m Not Thankful for


1. Carbon wasters

These things are the biggest waste of carbon I have ever seen forget prokaryotes, this tragic trio don’t even register on the scale of a form of life.

2. Apple (Their Greed)

I’m not just talking about the whole Apple v Samsung when I mention Apples greed but just of late they have really fucked me off, I love Apple products like a lot of other geeks out there, but their constant releasing of so called new products that have slightly different specs is really getting on my tits. Sort it Out!

3. Mitt Romney

He is just a Cock, need I say anymore?

4. Promethus

Like a lot of sci-fi buffs I was really looking forward to this film “Ridley Scott film ooooo”

How wrong was I! I’m sure there will be people who liked this film and to you I say big fat hairies …. I didn’t, deal with it. This film I feel raised more questions than it answered again some may say that’s a good thing, I however find it incredibly annoying, unsatisfying and very very boring.

5. The Boys (Ending)


One of the best comic book series I have ever had the joy of reading, Garth Ennis is a pure genius when it comes to writing gritty and perverse story lines and characters. All brought to life by the great artwork of Darick Robertson. I’m so sad to see this end 🙁