ASDA: 3D Printing Service

Ever wanted a tiny model replica of yourself or family members? Well next time you are out buying milk and teabags, you can get one.

ASDA is the first UK store to offer its customers a 3D printing service. The 3D printing service is currently being trialled at ASDA in York initially, before being rolled out across the UK.

The models can be scaled to any size you want and prices start at £40. Once scanned the detailed designs are then sent away to a 3D printing factory which are then turned into a high quality ceramic replica.


  • It would finally solve the argument about whether your bum looks big in that.

    • Lol! We should get some 3d printed Jays and have a painting contest. 😀

      • There is no such thing as a mini Robin 😀 x

  • I expect to see long queues of cosplayers in ASDA for this, any day now. Very cool!