Whether you like it or not Kickstarter is a part of the board gaming industry, with just over 220 live board game related projects as I type this. In 2011 approx. $3M was pledged to board and card game related projects, a year on approx. $16M was pledged that’s a staggering 433% increase just in the space of a year! Now the majority of successfully funded Kickstarters go off without a hitch, but what about the ones that don’t? More to the point are there any repeat offenders?

Up until recently I have been blissfully unaware of just how many bodge jobs fly under the radar. This was until I read the comments of Wok Star 3rd Edition by Game Salute, a project that I had just backed.

Wok Star

One of the comments went like this…

“Wok Star is ready to go – we plan to send the final files to the printer within a week or two of the project’s close.”
LOL, we’ve heard that before. This is ridiculous. I vowed after the last Wok Star Kickstarter (and a bunch of other messes) that I would never back another Game Salute game again. And I will stay true to that. You expect us to pay more to get the product you SHOULD HAVE DELIVERED THE FIRST TIME? You sent out a game with a weak timer, bad ingredient tokens (that we all told you would be bad and the designer came in to bail you out by giving us all stickers), and a low-resolution printed board…and now you want us to pay to get an actual legit copy? I love this game…I love this designer. But I cannot see myself, at least for the foreseeable future, backing another Game Salute project.


It was like a bad soap opera, I had to know more, so I carried on reading the comments until I got to this one…


So I hyperlinked over to check it out and guess what?



Notice the date the project ended, October 4, 2013. You can imagine my surprise when I saw these comments…

Started shipments of the game? or not?

– June 22nd 2015


Too busy starting new kickstarter campaigns…

June 23rd 2015

I was gobsmacked. There were no other links in the comments to suggest that there had been any other issues with their Kickstarter projects, but curiosity had got the better of me and I like to read on the loo. So I decided to see how far the rabbit hole went. Then as if by some kind of dark magic, a link was put up on a board game Facebook group.

Here is the link


So the gist of it is, Game Salute screwed up again. They didn’t have enough funds from the 9-Shooter Quick Draw Kickstarter, to manufacture game boxes. I mean WTF!!!

Taking all this into consideration, I can see why the Wok Star 3rd edition campaign is going down the Swanee, which is a shame.

Are backers finally kicking back at bad Kickstarters? Should repeat offenders be banned from creating more projects or could there be a way to mitigate this from happening especially from the same person(s)?

I used Game Salute as an example, as it just happened to affect me, but do you know of any other repeat offenders? Well, now is the time to name and shame.

Please leave comments below if you have also experienced any shoddy Kickstarters.