The popular western themed card game BANG! is getting a make over. Three make overs to be precise in the form of:

  •  The Walking Dead
  • Heroes of the Storm
  • Halo

If you are not familiar with BANG! the card game, it is a hidden role game where everyone has a character card with a special ability, the hidden part is if you are a sheriff, deputy, outlaw or renegade. Deputy protects the sheriff, sheriff kills the outlaws, outlaws kill the deputy and sheriff and the renegades kill everyone!

Bang! The Walking Dead!


This version will pretty much be a re-skinning, with game play resembling that of the original Bang! The artwork featured will be from the Skybound comic series of The Walking Dead.

Bang! Heroes of the Storm



Enjoy the exclusively created artwork by Blizzard just for this.

Bang! Halo



Game play is based on Samurai Sword, so there is no player elimination and you are competing for the most points in your individual teams. Artwork is based on Halo art from Microsoft.


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All three games are available now, on-line at Amazon retailing for about $23.