So yesterday myself and my friend Andy (Mr. Sportsmanship) Smith got together in the weeks running up to a tournament, to have a fight. So lets see what happened when my Empire went up against his Dwarfs.

Points 2500

Empire (Jim)


Arch lector (general)
Heavy armour shield
Sword of might
crown of command
dragon helm

Wizard Lord on heavens
Talisman of preservation Iron curse icon


Pegasus, full plate, lance, charmed shield, dragonbane gem, potion of strength
Battle wizard
Level 2 light
Captain of the empire BSB
Enchanted shield biting blade luckstone full plate
Warrior priest
Great weapon
Heavy armour


33 Halberdiers musician, standard, 2 detachments of 5 Archers
9 inner circle Knights full command gleaming pennant
5 Knights
10 Archer


3 Demigryph Knights
5 Pistoliers


Steam Tank
I’m not taking too hard of a list with no banishment bombs, no engineer and only 3 demi knights, but I find it flexible and fun to use.


Dwarfs (Andy)


Dwarf lord (general)
Shieldbearers, Greatweapon
Master rune of Kragg the grim, rune of Snorri spangle helm, rune of might, 2*rune of iron, rune of resistance.


Rune smith
3*rune of spellbreaking shield
BSB Master rune of Gromril, master rune of challenge rune OD resistance great weapon


20 Quarrellers
40 Warriors Greatweapons standard


30 Hammerers standard
27 Hammerers standard musician
Cannon rune of burning
Grudge thrower
5 Miners*


Organ gun
Organ gun

Andy’s style of Dawi is different to mine. He doesn’t spend too much on characters and War-Machines, so he can put more models on the table. His famous double Hammerer block is extremely hard to deal with, as one has a lot of 1+ re roll-able characters in the front rank beating people up.

So to the game: we played a standard pitched battle for this and I rolled to set up first, but with the amount of chaff I have all Andy’s good stuff was down before I had to place a single valuable unit.
So after some serious bluff and double bluff the board looks like this.
Despite Andy gaining plus 1 I get the first turn and the game is on:

Jim’s Turn 1

I start my advance with the Peg and all the knights on the right marching forward. Steam tank lumbers up a little and the nights and Pistoliers ready themselves to divert hammerers.
In the magic phase, I tried to cast comet on 6 dice and Phas protection, but sadly Andy used his Dwarf anti magicing abilities to stop the phase dead.
Shooting wasn’t all that, but I managed to take the grudge thrower off which would allow me to reform my units from lines back to blocks. Second Cannon stopped short of his Cannon.

Andy’s Turn 1

Basically running at my lines with his GT as its the only way to get points, him knowing I have 2 Cannons and and that he will be dead next turn. He tries to knock off a Demi Knight instead, but sadly falls short.

Jim’s Turn 2

Again I push all the armour forward and get into good charge positions. Cannons target the Organ Guns in a risky gamble to save troops, but only manage to shoot 1 off and putting a wound on the other. No magic on this turn either.

Andy’s Turn 2

Andy starts with an attempt at a long charge up my right flank, with the Hammmeres containing the Characters in. He attempts to get the Knights, but fails to make the distance. He also charges his Warriors into my baby Knight unit. Shooting puts 4 wounds on the Steam Tank which effectively grounds it and Warriors take out Knights.

Jim’s Turn 3

I charge both Knight units into the Hammerer block containing the Characters. I then block up the Warrior unit with a lot of chaff.
Again for a 3rd turn all magic is stopped.
Shooting didn’t really do anything. Into combat and I took out Andy’s BSB, but lost on combat res and the Demis fled after failing to hit anything.

Andy’s Turn 3

Charging his Warriors into my Archers, one of his Miner units pop up behind my Cannon. His second unit of Hammerers charge my Steam Tank. In combat Knights take a beating and run. The Steam Tank is knocked down to 2 wounds.

Jim’s Turn 4

I start with a charge from my Peg Capitan into Andy’s Quarrellers. I managed to cast Harmonic Convergence on my Volley Gun, but no other magic. I moved more chaff into the path of the Warriors. In combat my Peg Capt. kicked the crap out of the Quarrellers and chased them off the board!
Cannon grape shots Miners and the Tank kills 4 Hammerers, but dies in return.

Andy’s Turn 4

The Hammerers charge the Demis, Warriors got a charge on the Archers both smashing their targets.

Jim’s Turn 5

I charge everything available at the Warriors, to kill them before the Hammeres get into range. No magic cast, no shooting and my troops kick the crap out of the warriors. Breaking them, but they just managed to get away.

Andy’s Turn 5

He rallies the Warriors, double charges my fleeing Knight unit with Hammers and Miners to force them off the board. Then makes a charge at my Cannon, but falls short.

Jim’s  Turn 6

I attempt to charge his Hammerers with my Character block, but fall short by an inch. A miscast ends my last magic phase early to gain harmonic, but cost me 8 Halberdiers. My Peg Captain charges and kills Andy’s Cannon, then my Cannon misfires and blows up.

Andy’s Turn 6

Sees his Hammerers and Warriors combo charge my Halberdier block. After a brutal combat win, I manage to hold to end the game.

12-8 WIN to Dwarfs (Andy)

I really enjoyed this game. Myself and Andy always have fun matches, with a lot of banter through the game. It was tight right onto the last turn, as the final score show. Andy getting 350 more VPS than me. We really didn’t know how it went, as if I got his hammerers it would have been a different result. A good win to Andy all the same. The grudge wasn’t held long though, as I beat him 14-6 in the tournament we played at the weekend.
Thanks to Andy for an amazing game and I hope everyone reading this enjoyed it also.

As ever please leave comments down below 🙂