Brettspiel Adventskalender 2016

It’s Christmasssssssssss! My lovely fiancee Laura treated me to the Brettspiel Adventskalender 2016, so for each day of advent, I will update this post with what each window contains.

Day 1

The Oracle of Delphi – Seafarer Expansion

advent 2016 delphi 2

Here is the link to the full game. I don’t have the base game to this so I will be selling it.

Day 2

West of Africa – Calendar

Advent 2016 West of Africa

I admit this is the first time I have even heard of this game :S Here is the link to the full game. No surprise that I don’t have the base game so I will be selling it. Maybe ill get lucky with day 3!

Day 3

Karuba – Volcano

Advent 2016 Karuba

2016 Spiel Des Jahres nominee  Karuba. A game I want that I haven’t managed to get hold of yet.

Day 4

Hansa Teutonica – Emperor’s Favour

Hansa Teutonica

A bit of a weird one to get seeing as the game was printed in 2009. I haven’t got Hansa Teutonica and probably won’t get a copy, so this will be going on the sell pile.

Day 5

Broom Service – Christmastime

Broom Service

Surprise Kennerspiel des Jahres 2015 winner Broom Service. Yay!!! I have this game, I purchased it after it won the award, like many others I suspect.

Day 6

King of Tokyo/ New York – Kookie

King of new york

Squeeeeee! So much yes in this picture, just don’t eat the little guy. Full game links Tokyo & New York.

Day 7

Guilds of London – Cheese and Papermakers

Guilds of London was a complete sell out at UKGE 2016 with a lot of buzz surrounding it. Unfortunately, it’s for the sell pile.

Day 8

Zooloretto – Christmas Gift

Zooloretto is one of those great family games and who doesn’t love animals?!

Day 9

Saboteur – Expansion Advent Calendar 2016

Probably the first hidden role game that I had ever played and remembered playing with a group of people I had met for the first time. Paul, I will never forgive you! Check out the link.

Day 10

Crisis – The Game Designers

I have seen the box cover of this game, but nothing else. Sell pile.

Day 11

Mysterium – Vision Card

I love mysterium it’s one of the few games I’m actually pretty good at, I guess I have a gift for making sense of other people’s crap. An extra vision card noice.

Day 12

Imhotep – The Private Ships

2016 Spiel des Jahres nominee Imhotep. I want this game and can’t seem to get a copy so I’ll be hanging on to this one.

Day 13

Arkwright – Noblesse Oblige

I don’t have the game, but the theme definitely appeals to me especially as Sir Richard Arkwright’s factory was in Nottingham, my home town.

Day 14

Camel Up Cards – Catch up Trophies

I enjoy a game of camel up but for me, the card game made it fiddly and dull. I sold the game and I will be selling this.

Day 15

Quadropolis – Christmas Tiles

I love this game and it’s a cracking first design by François Gandon. It reminds me of Targi and a city building game like Between Two Cities. These will be a nice little addition to my copy of Quadropolis.

Day 16

Bohemian Villages – Special Action Tiles

No idea about this game, but it’s a dice game that plays in 30mins. Sell pile.

Day 17

Panic Lab – Shower

Never heard of this game. Sell pile.

Day 18

Istanbul – Pegasus Depot

Probably my favorite pick up and deliver game and winner of the 2014 Kennerspiel. If you haven’t played Istanbul I highly recommend it.

Day 19

Tallinn – The Supporters

Tallinn is a game I have never heard of so this is going to the sell pile.

Day 20

Cacao – New Huts

A cool little tile laying game that isn’t Carcassonne, not that I dislike Carcassonne it’s just Cacao is different. I have both the base game and Chocolatl, so yay one I can use.

Day 21

Gold West – Trading Post

A game that looks good and intrigues me thematically. I might check Gold West out.

Day 22

Portal of Heroes – Diamonds

Another game that has fallen to my ignorance.

Day 23

Arcadia Quest – Healing Fountain

A game I have but have yet to play. Maybe this Christmas I may get a chance.

Day 24

Robinson Crusoe – Runch

Just in time for its 2nd edition. Robinson Crusoe is a game I haven’t got, but want so I may just hang onto this promo.

So that is Brettspiel Adventskalender 2016, What are your thoughts and feelings on the contents? Anything you’d like to see in next years?

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