The post title says it all THANK YOU!
To show my appreciation to my readers and subscribers, I’m running a competition for anyone and everyone to win a sealed copy of the 2-player starter set of the DC Justice League Dice Masters.
Which you can find me unboxing here.

To enter… well I won’t ruin it, that’s for you to find out.

Competition Ends 31st of August 2015. Comments for entries will only be counted on youtube and on this post.

  • Sy Silva

    Flash !! Love that “thunder” gold and red costume 🙂

  • Nuno Santos

    My favorite is Batman! Thx for the giveaway.

  • David Hughes

    Zatanna… Smart, a bit of a rogue, and magic that can overpower Superman!

  • Karl Klammer

    Batman – if he does low key investigations without using his tech gimmicks; or if he is in a 60s tv show.

  • Zach W. Lorton

    I’ve got to say that Watchmen is my favorite DC property, and while he may not qualify as a “super” hero, my vote goes to Rorschach. His transformation from a man who wanted to do good into a man who had to do evil in order to stop other evil walks a line that we all find ourselves walking at some point in our lives. The dichotomy of who you want to be versus who you really are inside is amazingly captured in his character and his ruminations throughout the story.

  • Matthew William Pilot

    Definitely Batman. I love just how a lot of the storylines in the Batman comics could get really psychologically dark and complex. Helps to make Batman more humanistic and relatable while keeping his otherworldlyness intacted

  • Dawn

    Always been Superman for me, who wouldn’t want a man who could fly you anywhere!

    • Congrats you won. Please contact me within 24 hours on

  • Dane

    Thanks for the great giveaway. My favorite DC comic book hero is Batman. No powers, lots of money, a little anger and shazam a super hero is made!

  • Liam Hall

    Green Arrow. Vigilante justice with Arrows. Whats not to like!

  • looby

    My favourite dc hero would be Wonder Woman, what’s not to like she puts all the men to shame and has an invisible jet!