The party took a commission from Madame Tuvache to destroy a monster in her cellar. Immediately after entering the cellar certain party members got nervous and realised something was wrong, especially as they heard sniggering from behind the locked door. First they found the cellar door locked behind them and secondly they discovered a trap that would release poison gas from a crystal globe through out the cellar.

Panic ensued including Greymist running head first at the trap luckily not setting it off early. Balaboo and Olaf managed to break down the cellar door escaping with Parfenax whilst Greymist and Barakyu ran further into the cellar with the gas at there heels. Only eagle eyes from Barakyu finding a secret door managed to get them away from the gas.

Realising the earlier sound from behind the cellar door was Madame Tuvache laughing at how easily she had tricked them they resolved to hunt her down and kill her. On the way they found the house full of corpses that Tuvache had embalmed and then connected to wires. They found a ball room full of these monstrosities locked in an endless dance and later more in the dining room and Tuvache’s bed room.

Balaboo found the clothes of previous victims and realised this ploy and trap had been used by Tuvache for many years. They finally managed to corner her in the belfry and after a brief battle killed her. But this was not the end of ‘the bitch’.

Her evil soul entered the house and gained control of everything within the grounds. She summoned swarms of spiders and bats, animated the embalmed corpses and even animated a stone statue. The hero’s had to battle to escape but against the odds managed to smash a barred window using the extra leverage of a zombie’s corpse. Parfenax and later Balaboo where covered with swarms of spiders until Balaboo dove into a bath of embalming fluid. Olaf smashed the statue whilst Greymist concentrated on healing Barakyu. Barakyu did the Barakyu shuffle managing to keep out of the way of the various threats.

The party managed to jump, climb or just fall out of the window (Greymist failed to abseil). Whilst ‘the bitch’ animated a carriage it was too far away to reach the party and everyone managed to clamber over the wall and escape. The local city watch had come to investigate why a heavy rain fall had started just over this building and after being told of the events of the day they helped burn the house to the ground. So the party killed ‘the bitch’ twice through had forgotten to search her body for treasure before fleeing.

The sentinel a powerful magic item in the form of a white glove had been taken by Olaf. The glove had agreed to reward the party if they took it out of the house so it could fulfil its mission. After the events of the day it realised they could take up its cause and asked to be taken to Alderweg keep to destroy the gauntlet (an item it had been created to destroy)

As a reward the sentinel drew a number of treasure maps showing a barbarian king tomb, a tree on the lost island and white plume mountain. But even with these maps they decided instead to help a local tax collector by investigating what happened to his brother in law.

Next time the party will discover the fate of Grimble the brother in law.