Finally a fully licensed, official Wizards of the Coast digital companion app. Specifically designed for use with the latest and greatest, 5th edition of D&D.

The crowd goes wild!!!!!!!



is a digital tool that can be used by both players and DMs incorporating 5th Edition rules reference and other handy tools. Such As:

  • Fast, guided character creation
  • A powerful, customizable, and dynamic character sheet
  • Simple rules search, bookmarking, and annotations
  • Online or offline play


These are all initial features, but it looks like Wizards of the Coast aren’t stopping there. They are pushing their App developers to the max and expecting a critical hit, when it comes to the capabilities of DungeonScape.

Preparatory Tasks

Generating characters, creating DM notes and maps, etc

Features for gameplay

Character and adventure tracking, in-game document sharing, etc

Features for customization

Support for custom content, maps, and rules


What we know

So far the initial launch of DungeonScape will just be the “player” release. No hints to a release date or pricing as of yet.

The offline feature will be only available for iOS and Android devices with potential to expand to support PC/Web-based devices. DungeonScape itself is accessible from a web browser, however it’s not optimised for a mobile web browser. So you may find it doesn’t display correctly on your mobile device.

The Custom content is going to be schweeet! Covering content both at the element level and the story level. Me likey 🙂

Wizards of the Coast have stated that DungeonScape will be exclusively developed for 5th Edition D&D with no inclination to expand it to cover its predecessors.