From the crowd-funding site Indiegogo , a title caught my eye, Of Dice and Men.

The film is about six roleplaying gamers and what happens when one of them enlists to go to Iraq. The film will be based on the critically acclaimed play about roleplaying gamers written by Cameron McNary.

For those of you who attended PAX Prime you are probably all over this, since its début there. It was set for its own UK premier at the Edinburgh Fringe festival today, but for some unknown reason it has been cancelled.


The film script has been described as, High Fidelity meets Dragon Slayer and entertaining for non-gamers as well as those dice rolling renegades.

If you’re into RPGs, film or just enjoy a good laugh this certainly looks like an interesting project to back. With 14 days left to fund, Of Dice and Men is still a whopping $25k short of its target goal. If all goes well, we can expect for the film shooting to begin late September 2013.

So what you waiting for head over now and get backing there are also some awesome perks up for grabs!