Everything is up in the air at the moment as to if I’m attending Essen 2016. More than likely I won’t be, but that doesn’t stop me from fantasising about all those sexy new games being released.
Last year I made the Essen 2015 want list in which I stipulated the rule of no expansions, having looked at the 2016 release list I can’t help, but want some of the expansions being released. So I’m breaking my own rules and throwing cardboard to the wind….Ouch! and saying anything goes.

Without further ado, in no particular order, this is my top 5 Essen 2016 want list.

7 Wonders: Duel – Pantheon


Yes, that’s right only last year I was picking up 7 wonders duel from Essen 2015 and I even got to meet Mr. Bauza himself!


Not only that it was my first review for the Dice Tower

It was only natural after loving this game so much, that when I heard there was an expansion that I’d want it…and I want it more than I want everything to be covered in peanut butter. In 7 Wonders: Duel – Pantheon you will be earning favour with the gods and once you have appeased them they will become activated, which will give you a whole variety of powers.

Pandemic: The Cure – Experimental Meds


I love Pandemic the cure and felt it was a great dice version of pandemic, but my only criticism was that I wanted more cards for it, like now. Seriously, I think there are 10 event cards in the game. After a series of bio-threats made to Matt, he immediately designed an expansion. Experimental meds adds another virus, something called a hot zone, more roles and wait for it..11 new event cards and 3 blank ones. Why 3 blank ones you ask? Because he’s a bad ass and number 1 on board game geek, that’s why!

T.I.M.E Stories: Expedition – Endurance

T.I.M.E Stories Endurance

I like nothing more than spending 5 hours arguing about zombie DNA with my girlfriend. With every T.I.M.E stories module, it is less about gaming and more a test of our relationship and the constant reminder that she is always correct, but if I’m good she may let me roll the dice. Expedition: Endurance is about an expedition to Antarctica during the 1st World War. Can’t wait to see how many times I can be wrong in this module.

London Dread

London Dread

I love thematic games especially when it’s story driven. So when I heard about London Dread it grabbed me with two hands. The whole game has an Agatha Christie novel vibe to it and if that didn’t have you in enough suspense the fact part of this co-op game is in real time will be enough to push you over the edge. After you have all exhausted your time planning, it’s time to watch it all resolve in the story phase, in the hope to solve the mystery.



Ever wanted to know what a war would be like between moles? Well, you need not wonder anymore as that’s exactly what Topoum is about. You are battling over the last piece of fertile land in this Area control and tile placement game. Other than it’s quirky theme, it’s the charming artwork that made this game stand out for me and the more I see and read about Topoum, the more I want this game. I like the idea of building your deck, to maneuver your blind moles to victory by gaining line of sight to your fellow comrades and also defeating your opposition in combat.



What’s on your want list? I’m nosey and what to know.