Expansions enhance our board games. Which expansions could you not game without? On the flip side which expansion killed a game for you?

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    Tuscany for Viticulture

    • Hell yes!!!!

  • Liam Hall

    Not had a chance to play Dark Titan yet but the Wizards Tower is a great expansion for Castle panic 🙂

    Favourites at the moment are Eldar sign and Camel Up. The Camel up expansion adds a load of extra bits, but gives it to you in modules so you can add the bits you like easily 😀

    Biggest dissapointment expansion wise are the Battlestar ones. Aside from new characters, the game drags on when you add the gameplay mechanics in.

    • Heard the elder sign expansion gates of arkham is really good, definitely will put it on my list. I can’t imagine battlestar needing anything more to it, it’s already a beast of a game lol