No Fluff

Many of us game using miniatures and whether you use Malifaux, Games Workshop, Warmachine/Hordes, Kings of War or many of the other systems available you’ll find yourself a back story for your game, army and often characters too.
Where do we start when we are building our armies? How do we regard this information often referred to as fluff?


When I go to events I see some armies that I question if the owner has ever looked at the front section of the book. You might see characters mixed with units that would never be together and see them used in a style, which goes against what their army is all about.

Can an army stick to its theme and still win?

I like to think that it could and I often design my own personal forces with the army in mind. My Empire has mass ranks of infantry with few, if any, knights as they as a rare sight. I only field Steam Tanks in bigger games and always have a captain or a general at the head of the army.

Fear Fluff
So this got me thinking as to what other people do when designing lists. I sit down with a drink and think about the possible combos how I feel things will go during the game and how I can best support my characters, but do I at least attempt to keep with the fluff?

When we see our stuff on the table, could it be taken direct from the front of the book?

I’d love to hear people’s thoughts and how they build an army list, for both tournament games and for general games.