What qualifies for a Game Preview?

A game that has not yet been manufactured or is a prototype.

Whats the difference between a Review and a Preview?

A Review will NEVER be a paid for endorsment of a Game/Product and will contain my opion of it.
A Preview MAYBE a paid for endorsment of a Game/Product and will be clearly marked as such.

Will Breacher18.com Preview any Game?

No. Once I have recived a preview copy of a game, I will play it as many times neccessary and will agree or not agree to produce a preview. In the case of me not agreeing to do a preview, I am happy to return a game, but postage must be paid for by you. Once I have agreed to preview the Game/Product it will be at this point payment of services will be required.

Are Game designers paying for a positive Preview?

No. Because if I don’t like the game I will not agree to provide my services. There for I’m not being payed to say something that I personally don’t agree with.

For costs please see the available packages Breacher18.com have to offer.