Like most good games you’d expect to find a theme and in most cases this theme would be symbiotic to the mechanics of the game. With that being said, what makes a bad game, is it the theme? Or the mechanics? Maybe both?
An interesting debate occurred last night on twitter when, game publisher, Artipia Games tweeted the box cover art of their new game, due for release at this years Essen convention.

Lap DanceI get that the theme of Lap Dance is pretty out there, compared to Artipias’ other titles, it certainly got the board gaming community a tweeting. With the majority very quick to write this off as distasteful and misogynistic. Comments that predominantly came from men.

It got me thinking of the mechanics involved in this game, of which as of now I am un-aware of. If the mechanics support and work along with the theme of the game I see no overall issue with Lap Dance. People have to remember board gaming’s popularity is on the increase, but will forever be second string to video games. With that said publishers have to try to mix it up a bit by producing games that may not necessary appeal to hobbyist, but grab the attention of others.

When I talk to my work colleagues about my board game hobby they instantly dismiss it as boring and un-cool. If I turned up with Lap Dance, I’m sure they would be intrigued enough, by the theme, to give it a go. Then who’s to say that if Lap Dance was enjoyable enough, that the pre conceptions of board games are broken enough to leave people more open and susceptible to trying other games, that aren’t so controversial in their theme.

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I for one welcome different themes in gaming, especially if the game itself is good and enjoyable to play. I find this no more offensive than some of the content in Cards Against Humanity, which I also enjoy playing.

What do you guys think to the theme of Lap Dance and other games, that are out there at the moment ? Please leave comments below.