Gaming Metabolism

I have thought about writing this post for a while now, but I didn’t really know how I could make it relatable for others. I decided “you know what it’s relatable for me” that’s enough right?

Over the past several years, I have like I’m sure many other board gamers have thrown countless amounts of money at the cardboard sirens. So much so that at the point of writing this I have over 50 unplayed games.

My insatiable appetite for games was unstoppable consuming game after game like some board game smack ‘ed.
I was rapidly running out of space and asking Laura “Do the boys REALLY need a room each?” Apparently yes and I’m ridiculous.

Flip to now – 2017 and my gaming metabolism has slowed right down no longer am I burning through game after game or acquiring them quicker than it takes Trump to make himself look like an asshat.

What has happened? Has my love affair with board gaming deserted me, left me in bed with nothing but a few cardboard coins left on the bedside table?

I feel so cheap…

Or maybe my metabolism hasn’t stopped maybe it’s leveling out because the gaming industry is leveling out and I just need to adjust to a less gamerific diet.

Money isn’t an issue space isn’t, I don’t need a bedroom. So it must be that fewer games are being released or at least fewer good games are being released.

Is this a clear indicator that the board game industry is leveling out or has it hit a plateau?

I would love to hear peoples thoughts on this, as ever leave a comment below or hit me up in the usual social media places.

  • Ambie

    I don’t think that fewer good games are being released. It’s just that when you’re new to the hobby, every game is new to you. So you have all the previous years of releases, plus anything getting released that year, and those all count as new games to find. But after you’ve been in the hobby a while, you’ve discovered most of the older games that you would want, so now it’s only the games that are getting released that will be new to you.

    • That’s a good point the pool of games to get excited over has gotten smaller for me.

  • Mark Cooke

    This seems to happen to most people, and I think it’s more that you learn to discern the types of games you enjoy and those you don’t. I bet if some of the games you picked up initially and then sold/traded away/gave to charity came out now, you probably wouldn’t pick them up in the first place. I think it’s an essential part of any hobby that includes collecting, you go through a crazy period of just acquiring everything and anything, you then start to refine that collection and get it to something you’ll enjoy more 🙂

    • True but i don’t feel as excited about the stuff coming out at the moment.

  • Short answer: yes.

    Long answer: keeping with your food metaphor, it’s like going through the menu at the new Indian restaurant. When it first opens, I will try all the chef’s specials, going through the menu, it’s all exciting new and different. It doesn’t take long to narrow down on your favourite and the chicken tikka shatkori becomes your meal of choice.

    Board games are the same, there’s a gorging as you feel the need to buy every game that you’ve played and then every game that looks cool. But after a time, I have found this settles. You start to see the overlap in the games, you start to release that maybe you aren’t the biggest fan of deckbuilders so there’s no need to own 10 different variations on the same basic game. Your collection starts to become more focused and as such the rampant purchasing of games slows down. I now know which kind of game is never going to reach the table, and have realised the holes in my collection that may need filling.

    I don’t think its about going off games, it’s about understanding your own tastes and being able to see through the hype.

    • I think that’s a fair comment. I still feel less is coming out though in comparison to previous years. I see what you mean about my tastes becoming more focused though.