I am sad to learn that another reseller of Games Workshop products is shutting down, due to the new resellers agreement that Games Workshop has brought out. Here is a video from MiniWarGamming about their thoughts on the new agreement and their decision to shut up shop.


I think Matt has some really good points during the video. It makes me sad to see such a big global corporation such as Games Workshop taking this attitude to it’s resellers. I would be interested to hear from resellers that this has effected or players and fans of the hobby that have a view on these changes. Are Games Workshop the real Heretics in this situation?


Here are the documents for the new GW resellers Agreement


  • Trophy husband

    Seriously tempted to do just that, GW let people down constantly but as more youngens go in with parents with big wallets and that “mug” tattooed on their head nothing changes, it’s sad as their stuff really is some of the best available and all credit to them I’ve never brought anything I wasn’t happy with, it’s just a shame how they progress

  • Ekalther

    Fuck G-Dub!

  • Games workshop once again not making sense, they appear to make bad decision after bad decision cutting off Australia all but destroying maelstrom constant and somewhat unbalanced price increases, poor quality books and cards of late I was disappointed that the warriors cards were of a lot cheaper material, it’s legal team jumping on everyone that moves, now this, what’s happened to the hobby store that I used to spend time in when I was little, the whole attitude is changing to one of money money money and damn the customer.
    Now with other companies such as wyrd privateer press, spartan and so on gaining territory on them daily would it not be a wise move to consolidate , rethink the strategy and support the hobbyist and private stores again to keep them at the top?

    • Breacher18

      Yes, when I was younger I can remember spending my whole weekend there, with the staff teaching me tips on how to paint and playing mini games with me. Now days when I go in they just try to flog me stuff and when I say I’m not in to buy today, they just fuck off before I can finish my sentence.