In a galaxy far far away…

Errr, ok not that far.

In fact this galaxy and this planet.

Fantasy Flight Games have released their latest Expansion to the, increasingly popular, Star Wars: X-Wing miniatures game.

Entitled Imperial Aces.

The expansion pack includes:

[list type=”square”]

  • Two TIE interceptor miniatures, with alternate paint schemes.
  • Several highly skilled new pilots.
  • A dozen upgrade cards.
  • The tokens and maneuver dials you need for these ships.
  • A new mission that allows the Empire to utilize new, experimental technology.




Here are the TIE Interceptors close up:



Royal Guard TIE interceptor


Saber Squadron TIE interceptor

Pilot Cards:


These are three of the four new Pilots you get in Imperial Aces. With plenty of new special abilities, it will keep your games strategically fresh and your opponents guessing.

Along with Six different upgrades available.

Upgrade Cards:

Opportunist TC RGT

New Mission:

From the announcement:

Cutting the Cord, which drops players into the middle of the Rebellion’s desperate bid to keep the Empire from developing a powerful prototype starfighter. If it gets its new flight system and long-range functionality on-line, this Imperial prototype would forever negate the individual superiority of Rebellion starfighters.

Throughout the mission, one non-unique Imperial ship serves as the prototype, which the Rebels must destroy, but as the Rebel forces focus on destroying the prototype, the Imperial player can activate any of six different prototype technologies provided by six research facilities. Together, these technologies transform the prototype into a truly lethal weapon – one which may finally help the Empire crush the Rebellion!


Will you be getting the new expansion and joining the Imperial Aces?

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