For all these awesome Judge Dredd miniatures, we are going to need a rulebook…

Now available for pre-order via Warlord Games is the 240 page colour, hardback rulebook for the Judge Dredd: Miniatures game.

The rulebook will provide you with the core rules for the game, along with rules on how to build your force.  There are Eighteen forces available in the core rules giving the overall game variety, making it accessible for different types of players.

  • Justice Department
  • Brit-Cit Justice Department
  • Citi-Def
  • Street Gang
  • Ape Gang
  • Mobsters
  • Fattie Stampede
  • Cursed Earth Desperadoes
  • East Meg Invasion Force
  • Apocalypse War Resistance Unit
  • Sky Surfer Gang
  • Lone Vigilante
  • The Angel Gang
  • The Dark Judges
  • Chief Judge Cal’s Personal Retinue
  • Zombie Horde
  • Demonic Cabal
  • Renegade Robots



Bring famous characters from the 2000AD comic strips straight into your games – no need for special scenarios or permission from your opponent. They can be present during standard campaigns, so you can use models such as Judge Dredd himself, Stan Lee, Galen DeMarco, or perhaps a Judge from one of the other Mega-Cities.


The rulebook also includes iconic scenarios, taken straight from the 2000AD comic strip, to give your game that extra bit of Dredd authenticity.

The Judge Dredd: Minatures Game rulebook is due for release in October. A pre-order will see that you get it sent to you on day of release.
Until next time Judges…