Yeah Yeah Yeah, I know it’s June and this is May’s Killer Kickstarters and yes I know a few of you have emailed me to ask where this months instalment has been, which is very sweet as it means you are reading, otherwise I’m just talking to myself right now. Any way to the Kickstarters…

Wombat rescue

wombat rescue
By Eagle-Gryphon Games is a game of poop sniffing, not just any poop, but cubed poop! The dingos have nicked off with the baby wombats with momma wombat in hot pursuit. This pick up and deliver style game designed by Matt Wolfe is for 1-4 players that’s right even if you’re on your own you can always sniff poop solo and why not when you can enjoy the beautiful artwork from Mat Szulik who is known for the graphic design on Grublin Games’ Waggle Dance in which he very kindly did an avatar of me.

wombat rescue bk

They have already met their goal of $10,000 funding and are now coming up to unlocking the first of their stretch goals. Which include

• Upgraded silkscreened food bag
• Boulder pieces
• Extra tiles
• Dingo protection tiles
• Food stickers for the wooden pieces
• 5th player components
• Extra tile sheet

So if you’re into light to medium weight pick up and deliver games with a funny theme, this might be one for you to sniff out.



Mare Nostrum – Empires

By Academy Games is an empire building game for 2 – 5 players designed by Serge Laget. Mare Nostrum has been out since 2003, but only in French. The kickstarter plans to bring this classic game back in English, French, German, Italian, Polish and Spanish with revised rules, updated components as well as new ones and with additional victory conditions.

Mare Nostrum board

If you don’t think this game is visually beautiful then nothing makes sense anymore and I don’t want to live in a world where things don’t make sense.

mare n 2771c9ce881ac9c44e31a21853609b903_original






Play as one of the historical leaders such as Caesar, Cleopatra, Hannibal or King Hammurabi all which have different strengths in the game. Collect/spend resources to build your influence and empire, sound too pleasant? In that case just pillage and conquer your way to victory.


A physical copy of the game will cost you a pledge of $65 which not only gets you the game, but the Atlas expansion and all locked stretch goals. If this is conquering you check it out.

Healing Blade: Defenders of Soma

Designed by Brandon Paton Defenders of Soma is a two player asymmetrical card game set in a fantasy universe where antibodies battle against bacteria. The game is split into two factions…




with in the Pestilence faction they are divided into 4 categories.


The objective is for the pestilence to kill 3 people whilst the Healers have to survive to the end.


The creators are looking to secure $35,000 in funding to successfully kickstart Healing Blade: Defenders of  Soma with a pledge of $40 getting you a physical copy of the game, including stretch goals that are unlocked, talking of which, the stretch goals are:

• Villager meeples

• A pill bottle to stop all your game pieces in.

• A game board

• A video tutorial


So if this cures your kickstarter fever then I’m sure you could give them a cash injection.

That’s it for this month folks or should I say last month, until next time make sure you back some Killer Kickstarters.