It’s been a long time… and I know this is usually a video feature, but due to being really unwell and extremely busy I just haven’t had the time to record. So I thought I’d take positive steps towards at least getting something out to you.

So let’s take a look at several Kickstarters that have grabbed my attention.

Orcs Must Die! The Boardgame


For those who don’t know Orcs Must Die! Is an awesome indie game available on steam, where you plant traps to kill the oncoming hoard of Orcs, in attempt to stop them going through the rift. This is the board game!!! Designed by Sandy Petersen, he is looking for $40,000 funding, with the minimum pledge of $90 getting you a physical copy of the game and all achieved stretch goals. Orcs Must Die! is a cooperative board game for 1 to 4 players, you will each have control of your own hero miniature, player board containing unique stats and special abilities. Select your map and difficulty and off you go, slaughter all the Orcs using various traps and items, which can be earned in-game.

Stretch goals include more heroes, enemies and tiles. The project has already hit its target goal, so it’s just a matter of how many stretch goals. So if you are a fan of the computer game or like the look of this you can check out their page here.


Is a strategic card game of deception for 4-12 players. Designed by Travis Hancock he is looking for $6000 to fund SALEM, with money going towards manufacturing and shipping.


This werewolf-esque game seems it would shine in a party setting. With hidden roles and deduction, you will be accusing town villagers of being a witch by playing Tryal cards on each other. For a copy of the game, pledges start at $25 with free shipping within the USA and +$12 for anywhere else.


Stretch Goals include additional role cards, a redesign of the rule-book and a moderator app.

If this looks like your bag, then check out their page here.

Raiders of the North Sea

Is a Viking themed strategic game for 2-4 players. You will be doing what Vikings do best by raiding settlements and battling for glory.

Designer Shem Phillips is looking for $23,000 NZD funding, which as of this moment has been reached, along with the first two stretch goals. There will be no pillaging of Raiders of the North Sea, it will cost you $56 NZD for a copy (Livestock not excepted) with free worldwide shipping included. YaaaaYY!
If the theme or the bold artwork isn’t enough to draw you in, then check out the sweet stretch goals.

  • Component upgrades
  • Custom score markers
  • Illustrated offering tiles

If this is ticking your boxes, you may also want to check out Shem Phillips Shipwrights, the first in the North Sea Trilogy of games. To back Raiders of the North Sea check out their page here.

Well, that’s it another Killer Kickstarters done and dusted. Please leave feedback let me know if this is a preferred format over the videos.

What Kickstarters are you backing?

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  • Samuel Aciego

    We launched a project called Prankster Trivia. Hope to be in this list soon 😉

  • Adam Gomez

    I’m backing:

    Alien Frontiers Big Box – Reloaded (I’ve always wanted this game but could never find it. This solves that)

    Tumblin’ Dice (Can’t say no to a dexterity based game that will appeal to non-gamers)

    Posthuman – (I love games with exploration and tense character development)

    Best Treehouse Ever (I need more fillers, and this one just seems cute. I know my friends would be willing to play it)

    …and Exploding Kittens…because I couldn’t say no to the biggest kickstarter ever. This is purely because I’m a collector with no self-control.

    • Wow that’s a lot 🙂 I love Alien Frontiers such a good twist on a worker placement game by using your dice as ships. Really nice components too. The only negative I can say is I didn’t like using the score tracker as I felt it made the end of the game anti-climatic. Would be interested to know what you think once you have played it.