Killer Kickstarters for July 2015

Wow, this has been tough, but I have scoured Kickstarter and brought back what I think are 3 Killer Kickstarters for July.

Rivals: Masters of the Deep


Minis that’s all I’m saying. This adorable 2-4 player, tactical miniatures game of underwater steampunk battles has already smashed its target funding goal of $40K.

Choose a side either Cog or Nautilus, build your force and destroy the opposition. Each faction has five heroes to choose from all sporting their individual abilities and a modular hex map that gives Rivals a high replayability value.

hero cards

Rivals: Masters of the Deep is played over a series of turns. Each turn is broken down into three parts.

Nautilus TurnRivalsCard

Cog Turn

Lurker Turn

Each part is sectioned into activations that are listed in order from left to right on the player cards.

There are several decks of cards.

Event Deck: A Event card is drawn at the end each faction’s turn.

Lurker Deck: When a lurker hex is searched a card is drawn from the deck. Defeat the Lurker to gain the loot pile that is shown on the card.

Loot Deck: After defeating a lurker you can either take some Aether or take a treasure by drawing from the Loot Deck, the deck contains equipment that doesn’t require Aether to equip or use.


Rivals: Masters of the deep has been funded so let’s take a look at some sweet, sweet stretch goals.

  • Mutated Troll Shark
  • Base caps included in every copy.
  • Three more Clockwork Infantrymen & Trench Gunners
  • Upgraded card stock and plastic aether tokens.

A copy of Rivals: Masters of the Deep can be yours for a pledge of $100. That’s a copy of the game plus all unlocked stretch goals, a Rivals vinyl toy of your choice and free shipping within the US.


So if this Rivals other Kickstarters for you, check them out here.



FoodfightersFoodfighters for me hits the tri factor of a cool game; A unique theme, fantastic components, and beautiful artwork. Foodfighters hits all of these things out the park.

Foodfighters is a 2 player game for ages 8+ that can be played in 20 to 30 minutes. Control a faction of foods, play tricks and eliminate 3 of a kind of your oppositions foodfighters for a taste of victory.

Beans allow you to buy gear and power-ups, spoons enable your fighters to attack from a distance. Use crackers as a shield and grab a Pan and smack any enemy. It’s a Food Fight!

Foodfighters are looking for $25K (CAD) a pledge of $29 will get you a copy of Foodfighters and all stretch goals.

Stretch goals include 2 expansion factions, fridge magnets and


a 3rd expansion of which the theme will be up to you guys to decide.

Before you feast your eyes on Foodfighters Kickstarter page check out the gorgeous components.


Casual Game Insider

Shock horror it’s not a game, but a Monthly magazine about everything that is board gaming. Casual Game Insider is looking for $30K funding so they can continue for a 4th year running.


Other than being a board gaming hobby magazine Casual Game Insider focuses on games that meet certain criteria. Games, that can be setup and taught in about 10 minutes. Played with in an hour and require light strategic thought, without necessarily being marketed towards children.

With a year’s digital subscription costing as little as $10 or $25 for printed. Be sure to check Casual Game Insider out and enjoy summers 2015 issue FREE.

casual game insider

That’s all your Killer Kickstarters for July, as always let me know what you are backing. Join me again next month, but in the meantime make sure you back some Killer Kickstarters.