Killer Kickstarters for June 2015

It is time party peeps and what better time than to start writing this, on the day the American supreme court rule in favour for same-sex marriage. Kermit flail!

This month is the colon of Kickstarters. No not that type of colon..ugh you’ll see what I mean.

On to the Kickstarters…

BATTALIA: The Creation


Just looking at this game now gets me excited, in a way that is most definitely un-natural to be getting over a board game. Can you really blame me though? Battalia: The Creation, is… wait for it… a strategic deck builder, map construction and area control. That’s not just it there is a “unique calendar mechanic” Ok I’m in. All that stuff a side Battalia is a 2 to 4 medium weight strategy game (with an expansion for up to 6 players, on the cards).


In Battalia you can obtain victory through ruthless conquest or on the opposite end of the spectrum you can win through development of your own city. You buy artefacts and hire battle units to help secure your victories, but at the same time build roads and cities to be able to send your heroes to do what heroes do best.

Battalia is volatile to say the least, the dynamic of the game can change at any given moment, but at its core is a deck builder with the optional element and randomness of a die. Prepare to bluff and outsmart your opponents in this feast of game mechanics, stunning art work and woah those miniatures!

battalia 2

FANTASMAGORIA Games are looking to secure $50k funding with $60 getting you a physical copy of Battalia: The Creation, with all stretch goals included. Talking about stretch goals lets take a look at some of those bad boys.

  • Extra Mercenary cards
  • Extra large oracle die
  • Extra Artefact cards
  • Hero sheets
  • Player dashboards
  • NPC Miniature – Mercenary Rider
  • Art Book
  • NPC Miniature – Guards of the Ruins

Like what you see? Then check out their KS page.

Apotheca: The Secret Potion Society

A 30 minute strategy game of potion crafting and hidden information for 2-4 players. From the creators of Knee Jerk, which I did a preview for, gutted I wasn’t asked the same for Apotheca.


The race is on to be the first to complete 3 potions and become a member of the secret potion society.


One of the things that really grabs me with Apotheca: The Secret Potion Society is the A symmetrical game play of the different apothecaries giving the game variety and replay-ability.

Knapsack Games where looking for $20K funding they have smashed that target and unlocked the first 9 of their stretch goals, which are as follows…



  • 6 unique potion ingredients
  • Upgraded Card thickness
  • 12 unique potion ingredients
  • 3 new apothecaries
  • 1 full colour paper tray
  • solo variant
  • 18 unique potion ingredients
  • Punchboard potions
  • Thicker Punchboard
  • 24 unique potion ingredients
  • Larger punchboard potions
  • Even thicker punchboard
  • 30 unique potion ingredients
  • 3 special potions(KS Only)
  • 42 unique potion ingredients
  • Moulded plastic gems


If Apotheca: The Secret Potion Society has the secret ingredient that you look for in a game then check them out here.

Dark Dealings: Dark Lords Defending Against Pesky Heroes


A card drafting game for 1-6 players that can be taught in 5 minutes and played in 20.
Protect your dark tower from heroes by using spells, traps and evil minions.
Game play is composed of 3 phases.

The Hero Phase – Cards are drafted until all players have 8 heroes to face.

The Defence Phase – Defence cards are dealt, the amount is 2X the number of players. Heroes are revealed and the one with the highest challenge value starts choosing their defences first, as defences are picked hero cards are flipped and this repeats till everyone has 8 defence cards.

Combat phase –Top most heroes are revealed. Strike heroes by rotating the card or discard the defenses that match the heroes vulnerabilities. If you can’t defeat a hero you are out. last player standing wins.

Card drafting is one of my favourite game mechanics, but it was the cute Arcadia Quest like artwork that drew me in.

Nevermore games are looking for $20k funding and as of me typing this have reached that goal. A copy of Dark Dealings: Dark Lords Defending Against Pesky Heroes, will cost you $15 with all base stretch goals included.
Lets check out the stretch goals

  • Linen card stock
  • More artwork
  • Oversized first player token
  • Expansion pack(s)

If Dark Dealings looks delightfully dark check them out.

Thats it folks for your monthly instalment of Killer Kickstarters. Don’t forget to comment below on what you are backing this month. Until next time, TTFN.