Like most hobbyist and wargamers, I was brought up on GW products. I had never even heard of an Orc, until little 10-year-old, tomboy, me was shown a Games Workshop store. I remember the store being full of boys (of all ages) and it smelling funny, but neither of these things deterred me from wanting to know more.

Bombarded with all the colours and variety of these things, referred to as miniatures (not the kind I usually sneak a sip from, at Christmas).

Once my senses had settled, I asked my friends Mark, Adam and Aaron a question.

“What do you do with them?”

These are the answers I got.

Mark: You build them.

Adam: Paint them.

Aaron: “Batter” each other with them.


…16 years later (factoring in a few years break, where all I did was go out drinking and chasing girls.) I’m still building, painting and “battering” people with miniatures.

Just like I matured, so had the hobby.

With Games Workshop price hikes and their aggressive policies on just about everything they have become an Imperial Empire, a force to be reckoned with. Which left me and I’m sure many other hobbyists with a bitter pill to swallow, we love our hobby but we are not about to be mugged off by greedy c*nts.

So where does that leave us? Fear not Warmongers because there is life beyond Games Workshop! To quote a friend we are in the “Golden age of gaming.” With games like

Just to name a few, there is something for every taste.


For me personally, I have taken to Malifaux and with its popularity increasing, it’s a big F*ck you to GW for its brazen attitude towards their veteran consumers. Not only have Wyrd created a fantastic range of gothic looking miniatures, they have created a rich alternate world, with more fluff than a teenage boy’s top lip. Don’t even get me started on the game mechanics…abolishing the dice and using a deck of cards, being able to “Cheat Fate.” All of this along with a well-established friendly gaming community really does fill me with joy. Just to know that one day even if GW prices itself completely out of the market or starts slaughtering kittens for fun, I will always have…

        • Miniatures to build
        • Miniatures To Paint
        • And Miniatures to “Batter” people with.

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