So cast your vote and thrash it out, which is the best Lore Magic?


  • Aeth

    I think the obvious answer is to say “whichever one helps your list the most”. That being said I’ve voted for light. It has a nice balance of offensive attacks and buffs for your own men, and Net is a massively underrated spell, I love it.

    • trophy husband

      yes net is exellent at shutting the pesky warmachines down and other instant fail units like the anvil

  • Ludwig

    As an empire player I’m finding heavens to be a really good lore, comet controls the movement phase and can destroy tight gunlines and harmonic and knights just works like a dream, the damage factor is fantastic and peg knights suddenly have nowhere to hide

  • Second time lucky

    In an uncomped environment lore of life although not as strong as the others can be very aggressive via dweller bombing character units and using shadow to lower stats can be evil, throne allows dwellers to be 6 diced and regrowth to put units back on

  • Trophy husband

    Of the 8 common Lores I’d place shadow in the filthiest catagorys with its ability to slow units down auto kill warmachines and make multi attack infantry murderous, for dark elves mindrazor can solve any problem, beastmen also make good use of it, however heavens light and death are also fantastic Lores and some nasty combos can be made with them, mixing these Lores with army Lores is also a fantastic option, withering and curse of arrow attraction for example, or flames of the Phoenix. Mixing shadow and nurgle is another deadly combo. Lizardmen with death metal slann are to be feared, looking at you jay

    • Sounds good to me 😛

      • Bernard

        It had better