All you Faux fans good news is on the horizon, the announcement earlier this week that the second edition of our favourite game, is on the cards. ;P

So what can we expect from this? Details will be tight lipped for now, but what we do know it that there will be more streamlined rules, clarified interactions and model actions.


A new easier to read card format and the FAQ system will be on a set schedule so no more searching for rules. Keep your eyes out for a beta system too for those of you who wish to be more involved.

You’ll be able to upgrade models and customise crews; also there will be the introduction of some new masters, which will involve some henchmen getting a promotion along with some fresh new faces including Tara the herald of obliteration and a new faction of gremlins.

The Malifaux story will be advancing also, so we can see new alliances and new tyrants. Plus what happens to the current ones.



Expect to hear more on this when it’s announced at Gen con in August with a pre release followed by general release in October.