Sad news greeted us. As news of Maunsfeld (previously Eye of the Storm and Mansfield games) announced that it will be closing its doors for the last time.

The gaming centre has been a hub of tournaments over the last few years and has seen masters, team and single events from all game system.

As it stands the liquidators will be releasing a statement soon, we can only hope a buyer will be found and that they will decide to keep it as a gaming venue.

I have some fond memories of the place; it was where my tournaments started years ago at Summer Incursion. I walked up with my Dwarfs and was instantly greeted by other gamers some of whom have become great friends of mine.

I would be interested in other people’s memories of the place and is grand gaming history.

  • jim

    have to say i never had a problem with the food, have to see you at an event soon mate think im going to be at the maul if i can remember how the game works 😉 smashin face and ruining hobby with the dawi

  • mark

    It’s a real shame to see it go as it’s such a fantastic facility. It was also really well located, very central and right off the M1 made it easy to get to from anywhere. It does worry me a little that if events are now all split between NWGC in Stockport and TTN in white stiletto land it may lead to a bit of a north/south divide in the community.

    I won’t miss the food though 😉

  • Oh the memories Jim, such fond memories

    • Jim

      Like cuddles with gill