Well it’s nice to see that Dawi are back on the list of kickstarter offers with the Oathsworn.

The latest character models in 28 mm scale have recently been announced and look fantastic, a total of 5 will be produced with more to be made available if the company hits its stretch goals. These are really characterful and beautiful models sculpted by Michael Lovejoy, a man with 13 years experience and a love of fantasy.
As a dwarf player, I will certainly be backing this for a few quid, then I can have my pick of the hairy half pints. I think these guys would make good Thanes or Longbeards, maybe Anvil Guard or slapped on a 40mm base and unit filler.
Would love to hear others views, so please leave a comment below.

  • Liam G

    They’d be pretty awesome for use a D&D minis too!

  • Smiffy

    looks fantastic! got the beard n face spot on n the size of the weapon right to, get all those right you got yourself a awesome model

  • Sheri

    It’s nice to see the Dawi making a resurgence onto the tabletop scene, and these are nice models. I could never hope to afford yet another army anytime in the near future, but I wouldn’t mind picking up a few of these feisty little buggers just for the fun of painting them.

  • Nice figure. Will have to have a wee think about contributing as am up to my neck in Dwarfs and am probably concentrating on Delfs until new Dwarf book emerges.

    • Jim

      Might have to dust off the asur and take you on

  • Ian Sturgess

    nice looking models id build them for iron breakers as they will be bent in the new book i would think )

    • Jim

      Would be great to get my iron breakers out again