We all love a good Role Playing game. Especially when we get to help bring it to life, through crowdfunding. So breacher18.com reached out to the Rouge, Hunter Fox of Sly Fox Games to ask a few questions about his new Kickstarter project; Pasts, Personas & Prophecies.

Tell us about the game?

Okay well, Pasts, Personas & Prophecies (P3), is a a fantasy roleplaying game system that runs quickly, can be learned easily and makes better stories with a central character creation process that creates full identities for players to jump into for better roleplay.

What makes it different from other RPG systems out there?

I believe the magic system is crucial, because it is based of imagination rather than a list of spells. So if you can conjure it up in your mind on how you would like to manipulate a school of magic you have knowledge in, most likely you can attempt it. Ive seen some great players using the magic mechanics to really influence the environment around them, such as turning a pond into an ice stair and what not.

Another highly important aspect of the game is the character creation process because player characters are made with influences based off their beginings, such as their homeland and past social status; their personality, for example their mentality and flaws; and lastly the direction that their story is heading, which includes their greatest desire. All this allows the player to roleplay better, but gives the GM the info he needs to guide campaigns and create meaningful adventure.

Beside all this there is a diceless GM role and super simple mechanics that allows the game to be run with normal 6 sided dice or even coins for that matter!

What are your influences for Pasts, Personas & Prophecies?

Major influences to my game are the people I attempt to teach role playing games to. Being that it was difficult to teach a lot of the mechanics of other games to younger generations and friends alike, I figured it would be better to have a more streamlined game for new comers to play.

Additionaly, I’m a Park Ranger working in the Los Angeles area and I love listening to gaming podcasts as I walk around on my patrols with a bluetooth ear piece that connects to my phone. While walking about I listened to a segment called “The Questions Three” from the guys over at the Order 66 Podcast. The segment included three questions for a GM to ask their players for better roleplaying during game sessions, “what does your character Love, what do they hate, and why are they adventuring”. Afterwards, I had a horrible time of trying to get my playing group to answer these questions, so I decided to put a lot of effort into making a game system that forced these questions on the players. This was the original spark to the system.




How will the money, raised through Kickstarter, make this a better game?

As a kid, I was sold into the whole D&D concept immediately after I left the theatres having seen the Lord of the Rings. I remember getting the 3.5 Player’s Handbook in some dirty old game store in Tulsa, Oklahoma, yet sadly for a good portion of my childhood I was too shy to express my interest in roleplaying games, mainly due to the horrible gamer stereotype. So during this period, I would pour hours of my time in my room just looking through my various rule books at all of the great artwork!

I really feel that artwork is what originally allures people into games and having great illustrations can lead to some really hardy inspiration for GMs and players alike. So the greatest portion of the Kickstarter will be for the sole purpose of commissioning an artist for the Core Rulebook.