Hey guys it’s been a while since I have done a hobby post, but fear not my love of board games has not conquered my first love of miniature painting and tabletop wargaming.

The lovely people of Raging Heroes sent me a little slither of metal, miniature goodness to paint and review for the lovely readers of breacher18.com

I first found Raging Heroes stuff through their latest Kickstarter, The Toughest Girls of the Galaxy. Needless to say, as a female hobbyist and wargamer, I’m always keen to see female sculpts. I was blown away by these kick-ass ladies; suited, booted and ready for action.

I reached out to Raging Heroes to see what else they had to offer and if they would be so kind, to send something over for me to review.

With my brush at the ready and enough paint to cover the great wall of china I was ready to take this Raging Heroes mini for a spin.

As you can see straight out from the packaging there are minimal mould lines, no bent pieces and an over all great cast finish.


The Miniature is made from white metal, is 28mm scale and comes on a 20mm square base.

Designed by Benoit Guerville, Mireille Frenette and Jean-Romain Barrau. Sculpted by  Benoit Guerville and Jean-Romain Barrau.

The Hildegard von Königsmark miniature came with two options a Blunderbuss and Long Riffle. I chose to go for the Long Riffle, cause when it comes to artillery bigger is always better 😉

I used a citadel white undercoat as I wanted to use vivid colours. I thought the white undercoat would be better to achieve a brighter finish.

IMG_5393 I decided to leave the weapon off until I had completed the majority of the model in particular the torso area. This was just to allow me to paint with ease and without obstruction to certain areas, as there is no real point in making things harder for yourself.

The overall look of the sculpt has a renaissance feel to it so I wanted to use vivid, rich reds and gilded golds.


I went with a dark plum colour for the pantaloons, I thought this looked really good alongside the crimson red.IMG_5690After I was happy with the majority of the work I went on to do the finer detail and highlights.

IMG_5814Plenty of washes and the lightest of dry brushing can bring out all the natural places for you to highlight. Especially if you find highlighting difficult, like I do, I found this is the easiest way to learn how to highlight with pretty decent results.
After I added the long riffle, I completed the base with a crazy pattern of blues , greens and a layer of  ‘ard coat.

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