Kurtis J Wiebe


Roc Upchurch


Image Comics


A Shadowline production, from the writer of Image comics Grim Leaper. The Rat Queens are in town and they are here to fuck shit up! Introducing Betty (Hobbit Thief), Hannah (Elven Mage), Dee (Human Cleric) and Violet (Dwarven Fighter). They have caused trouble in Palisade for the last time or have they?


A quest must be completed, failure results in banishment from Palisade forever and a punch in the face.

The task of cleaning goblins out of Hindman cave is more of an inconvenience than a challenge for the Rat Queens. Until the girls realise, this may be the last quest they come back from!



Its been a while since I last picked up a monthly comic. New series all over the shelves, the new DC 52, 3D covers, so much colour it all became a blur. I was determined to get one though. I saw the Rat Queens and it instantly appealed to me. A band of hot looking, ass kicking women and all in a high fantasy setting, with the humours line on the back…

Someone wants to kill the Rat Queens? The girls are seeing red and there’s only one thing to do about it; get really, really drunk.

I really enjoyed the #1 issue it made me chuckle through out, not only just a great storyline and dialogue by Kurtis, but it was all brought together with some awesome artwork by Roc Upchurch. All I can say is October the 23rd is on my iPhone’s calendar and I can’t wait.