As a hobbyist and a wargamer I’m always on the look out for new miniatures to paint or proxies to use in my battles. Like the saying goes, variety is the spice of life. Well, I like things HOT when it comes to my hobbies and gaming. Nothing excites me more than a unique sexy miniature. You know what I’m talking about 😛

Lo and behold I found such a place via the medium of Twitter. Ristuls Extrordinary Market have got you covered, from fantasy/scifi miniatures all the way through to basing kits, pens, dice alters, turn counters and buttons, that are all paintable.

I’ve included a picture of the Dwarven Innkeeper that I painted. The miniature was great fun to paint, hopefully my painting has emphasised the finer details of the sculpt, in particular the wood grain of the barrels.

You may want to follow Ristuls Extrordinary Market on twitter @RistulsMarket for finished painted pieces and work in progress models.

I highly recommend you give Ristuls Extrordinary Market a visit to check out their quirkier items.