An Interview with Roc Upchurch

If your regular readers here at or follow me on twitter then you may have read my previous post on the Rat Queens #1 or my many rantings on twitter as to just how good the Rat Queens comics are and believe me they are that good! I decided that harassing one half of the creative duo via twitter would be a great way to get some answers to the questions fans wanted to… well get the answers to, but I thought bollocks to that. I want to get the answers to my questions 😛

Roc Upchurch: Artist of the Rat Queens

How did the creative partnership between yourself and Kurtis come about?

I actually met Kurtis on a street corner in New York. It was NYCC 2011. He had seen my work on a book called Vescell and we talked about working together after that book was done.

Was the idea of Rat Queens a joint one or something that originated from either yourself or Kurtis?

We knew we wanted to work in the fantasy genre and that we wanted women leads. So when Kurt came up with the idea of “Sex and the City meets Lord Of The Rings” I loved it and we built it from there. rat queens2

Rat Queens is popular. I know guys who love it, but it seems to be an even bigger hit with girls. Was this your intention?

No. We actually thought it would be the opposite. We thought women would take one look at this book about women, completely done by men, and just dismiss it.


Were the character drawings based on a description given to you or did you have free rein to create them from scratch?

Kurtis sent me ideas for their background with descriptors like “rockabilly” and “hipster” and I took it from there.

Which member of the Rat Queens do you have the most fun drawing and why?

I have the most fun drawing Betty. She’s basically a cartoon. She’s tiny but all of her actions and expressions are big so that’s a lot of fun to play with.


There you have it. Big thanks to Roc for taking the time to answer my questions and I look forward to some more Rat Queens antics. Amyratqueens