I was talking to my girlfriend the other day about 40K. She asked me why the hobby that pretty much consumed all my spare time, was barely spoke about, played or painted any more. To be fair she took me by surprise as she’s the last person I’d of expected to ask this question, but it obviously got me thinking.

Why have I gone off 40K? This hobby that I had literally dedicated years and thousands of pounds to. I mean, I have a whole conservatory with shelves, floor to corrugated plastic ceiling, full of Warhammer 40K stuff.

After pondering the usual reasons: Pricing too high, aggressive business stance ect. I couldn’t hand on heart say these were the real reasons for the decline in my interest towards the hobby. Whether I like it or not any global company like Games Workshop are going to try and maximise their revenue in what ever way possible.008-P1060445

So what was it? I’d lost track! The frequency at that Games Workshop had been churning out new products has lost me. A subject that I once considered myself quite knowledgeable on, I know next to fuck all about any more. It’s important to keep a hobby fresh and engaging, but too much change all at once can be over whelming.

The other thing that has really done it for me is the “re-release” of Sisters of Battle.

When I originally heard the rumours that Sisters of Battle where getting a re-release I was so excited finally an all female army with all its own glorious fluff to go with it. I mean loads of other armies were getting a total revamp why shouldn’t this one. Oh how wrong was I.

Sisters of Battle got a name change and a new codex that’s it. I think this is such a missed opportunity for several reasons.


Most gamers like me got into 40k when they were younger and as a member of the female population, it would have been great to of had something other than dolls and cookers. Something that said women can be tough and kick ass yet still maintaining that common element in the gender. Not only do I think this would make the hobby more accessible to females it would be a nice alternative for everyone. I thought about this more and wondered if this was the reason why more females play Warhammer fantasy than 40K.

The whole reboot of Sisters of battle, sorry I mean Adepta Sororitas, was just so lazy on Games Workshops part, they are rapidly releasing new models with completely new concepts why couldn’t they of taken the time over this one. I really feel this would have been a golden opportunity to revive a great part of the Imperium and to appeal to more potential female gamers.adepta-sororitas1

This has really left me feeling bitter and disappointed. If the hobby I love can’t even be bothered with an army that I could connect with on a gender level or create an opportunity for more females to get on board then I can’t be bothered with 40k any more.