That’s right, FFG not only announced organised play for Star Wars Destiny but new booster packs to be released between April-June 2017 called Spirit of Rebellion.

What can you expect? 160 new cards. Featuring elements from the whole Star Wars saga, with a focus on the Rogue One movie.

The new dice will also allow you to focus more on a single strategy, as can be seen with Jyn Erso.

So if it’s a deck milling strategy you want or straight up pew pew power then she has you covered.

There are also a few cards that will make owning the battlefield even more advantageous.

Make way for the strongest character yet at 15 health, but costing 28 points to run at elite is Palpatine.

This card honestly looks the business, but at 28 points for the 2 dice you will be running him on his own and I honestly don’t know how that will work as a viable strategy. That character ability looks rather tasty. I’m guessing plenty of shields and just straight up shoot your opponent to bits, but we shall wait and see what other cards come out in Spirit of Rebellion set that might create some great synergy.