Star Wars: Destiny

Many a gamer would have heard about the latest collectible dice game Star Wars: Destiny. If you haven’t, I assume you have been frozen in carbonite for the past five months.

I swore I wouldn’t touch this game at any cost especially since I have started playing Pokemon, thanks to my kids. “No more time or money sinks” I said. Then the weirdest thing happened, I was overruled.

Laura being a big Star Wars fan really wanted to “try” it out. The reason I use inverted commas on try is because buying 2 starter sets and a shed load of boosters is not what I class as trying something. Apparently, I am completely wrong and Laura is completely right.

Once I had played it I have to admit she was right. Don’t ever tell her this as it will cause a rift in the universe and create a black hole in which everything will be sucked in and destroyed. You have been warned!

The game is awesome, first I thought it was super light with very little choices. Wrong again. It gives you this happy medium between Magic the Gathering and Dice Masters, but streamlined with elegance and wrapped in Star Wars goodness. I don’t know whether this is a review or not, I just felt compelled at 3am to start writing about this game that I can’t stop thinking about, almost like when you fall in love with someone and they completely consume your thoughts.

Whether you are playing the game or are thinking about picking it up, there are a few things I got stuck on when learning the game and that’s the rules you get are very basic so I did a bit of searching and all along it was there in front of me the full rules to Star Wars: Destiny. Hopefully, this will help others a great deal and save you going through all of the BGG threads, like I did, trying to make sense of how certain things play out.