Update: 14 December 2013

Steam OS is now available to download.

Steam have announced that they are soon to be releasing, a Linux-based free operating system.

offering four main features:

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  • In home streaming
  • Music, TV and Movies
  • Family game sharing
  • Family Options


These features will not only be available for Steam OS, but for the existing Steam client.


“Thousands of games, millions of users. Everything you love about Steam.
Available soon as a free operating system designed for the TV and the living room.”



With in the Steam OS, they have reported a significant advancement in graphics processing. They are now looking to focus on audio quality and reductions in input latency. With these advancements, it is enabling more developers to use Steam as a platform for their new releases.

Steam lovers can also expect to see many AAA titles natively available, on the platform, as early as 2014.

This is the first of three expected announcements from Steam. Check out the link below for the countdown to the next Steam announcement.

Steam Count Down