For all you Magic The Gathering (MTG) fans that haven’t been trapped in a box. There is a new expansion out in the not too distant future and it looks fantastic.
Simply called Theros, this will be the 62nd releases for MTG and part of a larger expansion, that will be added to throughout the year.

Theros is out for general release on the 27th of September, but fear not as you can go to a pre-release on 21st-22nd of September. There is also a Games Day on the 19th-20th of October. Each event will have its own theme with prizes, activities and all at your local store.



First up boys and girls its pre-release this weekend, use the store locator below to find out where your local event is and get involved.

Store Locator

When you do get to your friendly local gaming store (FLGS), you will be greeted with packs of all the different colours of Magic.

The colours represent your heroic path:

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  • White for Honour: The Protector
  • Blue for Wisdom: The Philosopher
  • Black for Ambition: The Avenger
  • Red for Battle: The Warrior
  • Green for Might: The Hunter


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There will also be a chance to win a hero card, that will allow you to face off the Hydra, in the October Games Day scenario.

In the Pre-Release packs:

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  • 5 Theros booster packs
  • 1 seeded booster pack
  • 1 promo card
  • 1 Choose your path activity card
  • 1 Spindown life counter
  • 1 Hero’s Path Welcome letter
  • 1 Hero Card


In addition to all this hobby goodness,  there will also be some open duelling to have a go at, if you just want to kick your mates ass.
Both of you will get a Theros intro pack to use against each other, as well as the pre release tournament players when they are between games.

Well with all this to look forward to at the weekend, I’ll conclude with the rest of the updates for this release.

Born of the Gods



Coming out in February next year. The final part of the set, will be out in May and will be called Journey into Nyx

Journey into Nyx

Really looking forward to all this, let me know your thoughts.

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